ISOLITE Turbo-Liner

Internal insulation for turbochargers

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Always one step ahead

ISOLITE has taken a completely new approach by developing a multi-part turbine housing for a turbocharger with effective concealed internal insulation. Far lower material stresses, improved energy retention in the exhaust system and the substantially reduced emissions that result from this are significant benefits that set this innovation apart from conventional external insulation systems.

ISOLITE Turbo-Liner – the most effective way of retaining exhaust energy.

Article in the MTZ edition 5/2015

All the features at a glance

Fiber material with “popcorn effect”

The inside of the ISOLITE Turbo-Liner blanket solution with sandwich design consists of the tried-and-tested iTEX XP fiber material, which boasts a high acoustic absorption potential and an exceptionally low specific thermal conductivity λ. Thanks to its “popcorn effect” – the material increases in size by up to 30% when first heated – iTEX XP adapts perfectly to the space available in each particular case. What’s more, its volume remains unchanged when cooled, so iTEX XP ensures optimized insulation long term.

Gross weight: 260 kg/m3 +/- 18% thermal counductivity tot he DIN EN 993-14 hot wire method.
* after linear extrapolation

Optimum flow control

Both the outer layer and the inner lining of the ISOLITE Turbo-Liner are made from stainless steels or alloys with excellent resistance to high temperatures. This maintains the hot gas flow characteristics, which ensures effective insulation and continued optimum flow control properties.

Flexible material selection

Due to its internal insulation, the turbine housing does not have any direct contact with the exhaust gas flow. The significant reduction in thermal load that results from this enables greater flexibility when it comes to material selection. In the best-case scenario, SiMo (an alloy with silicon and molybdenum) can be used instead of D5S (austenitic cast iron with nodular graphite) for the turbocharger housing, which results in a considerable weight saving.

More efficient exhaust gas treatment

The ISOLITE Turbo-Liner’s internal insulation provides a highly efficient means of retaining energy. The preheating temperature for exhaust gas treatment is around 10% higher on average, which enables the operating temperature to be reached faster and thus significantly reduces CO2 and NOX emissions.

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